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BScIndustrial Biotechnology

Kaunas University of Technology
Lithuania, Kaunas
Faculty of Chemical Technology
Tuition fee €3,836 per year

*KTU offers partial tuition fee waivers for the candidates with outstanding results

Application fee €100 one-time

Payable within 2 weeks from the application submission by transferring it to the KTU bank account. Non-refundable. Bank details will be provided during application.

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At the crossroads of nature and technology lies the BSc in Industrial Biotechnology at KTU, a convergence where unexpected solutions emerge, giving birth to innovative bioproducts.

Biotechnology stands as one of the most rapidly growing fields in both industry and research. Graduates of this program will remain in high demand for a considerable period.


You will delve into solving biotechnological problems, crafting technological equipment, and spearheading the creation and development of new products. In the process of designing high-quality biotechnological products, you will amalgamate skills and knowledge in bioprocesses, engineering, and living cells.

A junction between engineering and biology sciences: the student acquires knowledge of the small-scale biotechnological processes and the realization of these processes at the industrial level. After the completion of the bachelor studies, the student will have knowledge of innovative technologies applied in the industries of biochemicals, biofuel, biosolvents, and biopolymers.

Key Competences

Student will be solving biotechnological problems, designing technological equipment, creating and developing new products. While designing high quality biotechnological products, student will be combining skills and knowledge of bioprocesses, engineering, and living cells.


State-of-the-art labs – more than 140 laboratories to gain your hands-on practical experience and work with the contemporary equipment to master the skills necessary for your professional future in the industry.

Programme structure

Mathematics and Life Sciences
Mathematics, Physics, Theory of Probability and Statistics
Inorganic, Organic, Physical Chemistry

Engineering and Process Engineering Sciences
Informatics Technologies, Computer Drawing
Engineering Mechanics
Process Engineering,
Human Safety and Toxicology

Biotechnology and Biosciences
Biochemistry, Biotechnologies
Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Microbiology, Biology
Polymer Chemistry and Technology
Genetic Engineering

Instrumental and Chemical Analysis
Instrumental Analysis
Surface and Colloid Chemistry

Biomodelling, Optimization and Digitilization of Biotechnological Processes
Production Technologies of Biotechnological Products
Modelling, Optimization and Control of Biotechnological Processes
Biotechnology Process Design, Equipment and Technology

Bioproduction and Industrial Application of Biotechnological Products
Bioprocess Engineering

Social Sciences
Electives of Entrepreneurship Education and Economics

Career opportunities

Biotechnologist, Bioprocess Engineer, Production Technologist of Bioproducts
Investigating and evaluating biological systems,
Maintaining engineering processes, designing and operating bioprocesses,
Developing and manufacturing of bioproducts and bioactive materials.

Quality Assurance Technologist, Analytical Laboratory Technician, Research Scientist
Managing the maintenance of equipment and new projects in accordance with engineering principles and safety regulations,
Adopting new production methods, techniques and equipment,
Ensuring the quality of the materials used, controlling the production of bioproducts,
Investigating biological processes, analysing and integrating research results into industrial bio-manufacturing.

Biotechnology Innovation Coordinator
Applying the latest scientific advances in biotechnology, molecular biology and genetic engineering to a wide range of areas in the bio-industry,
Coordinating new technological processes, modernising bioprocesses, integrating innovations into industry,
Developing, optimizing and producing novel bioproducts.

Production Engineering Technologist
Adopting novel production methods in accordance with materials and quality standards,
Monitoring the safety of workers and biotechnological production operations,
Exploring various studies and tests related to the production process of bioproducts.

Student Competences
Solve engineering and biotechnological problems;
Work with biotechnological equipment used in the production of bioproducts;
Analyze biological systems and explain the production of bioproducts;
Understand the biosynthesis stages of biosynthesis;
Choose biotechnological equipment, analytical and modelling methods;
Plan the production of bioproducts from biological systems.

Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
30 Jun 2024, 23:59:59
Eastern European Time
Studies commence
1 Sept 2024

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
30 Jun 2024, 23:59:59
Eastern European Time
Studies commence
1 Sept 2024

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States