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Food engineer Nóra from Hungary on her studies at KTU: It’s a hands-on experience
2 Dec 2021

“Once you become a part of a close community, you understand even the jokes,” says Nóra Emilia Nagybákay from Hungary, who has been living in Kaunas for more than two years. A chemical engineering PhD student at KTU, says that being a researcher is both challenging and fun – you fail many times before finally succeeding, and then, you still need to work hard to make sense of data! It is worth it, though.

Apply today and start studying at KTU in February 2022
3 Nov 2021

Thinking about studying abroad and actually living in a different country, experiencing the new, post-pandemic reality? Now is the best time to finalise your decision, while admissions to Kaunas University of Technology spring semester are still open. Choose your study programme and apply until December 15, 2021.

KTU invention at Expo 2020 in Dubai –solar cell that earned Lithuania a world record
27 Oct 2021

The six-month-long World Expo 2020 taking place a year later, began in October and has already attracted millions of visitors from all over the world. Among the almost 200 participating countries is Lithuania, which exhibition focuses on sustainability. In World Expo 2020, the Lithuanian Pavilion features the invention of researchers from the KTU Faculty Chemical Technology, which helped achieve a global record for the efficiency of tandem solar cells.

QS Gradual Employability Rankings: KTU graduates are among the most successful in the world
23 Sep 2021

Today, the QS WUR announced the results of the QS Graduate Employability Rankings. In the Rankings, Kaunas University of Technology is ranked alongside just over half a thousand of the best universities in the world. The quality of cooperation between the students and employers is especially highly ranked – according to this criterion, KTU is the 181st this year.

Great milestone for the European educational community: EU Commissioner opened the ECIU Extended Reality Campus
21 Sep 2021

On Monday, 20 September, EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel opened the ECIU University Extended Reality (XR) Campus. The opening was streamed to YouTube. “It is a great example of what we can accomplish when we pool resources,” said Commissioner Gabriel. Via the Campus, learners have an environment to continue learning and have people interacting with each other, even at a distance.

Welcome Week 2021 for a smooth start
24 Aug 2021

A warm welcome to all the international students joining Kaunas University of Technology this autumn! How exciting to be on the road to the adventure called student life. To make your first days at the university memorable and to help you start your studies smoothly, KTU prepared a Welcome Week programme, beginning on Tuesday, August 24.

During the ECIU University challenge, KTU students have developed an idea for oil recycling
20 Aug 2021

A team of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) students have come up with an idea for an application that would allow organising used cooking oil collection and reduce pollution. The new system would connect restaurants and households on one side of Lithuania with recycling companies on the other via the app. Based on current resources, the application should be launched in 2022.

Make the most of your studies – join KTU GIFTed Talent Academy
18 Aug 2021

From Tuesday, August 24, the admission to the KTU GIFTed Talent Academy starts. The KTU’s talent development programme provides interactive workshops, real-life challenge solving, mentorship, and many more activities to develop your knowledge, personality traits, and leadership skills. By becoming a GIFTed student, you will lay a solid foundation for your future career.

Leader of KTU Artificial Intelligence Centre: girls should be introduced to IT from an early age
9 Aug 2021

Although contemporary women are urged to fight against the stereotypes defining the IT field as exclusively masculine, the number of girls choosing IT studies and pursuing careers in this field is still low. According to Agnė Paulauskaitė-Tarasevičienė, the Head of KTU Artificial Intelligence Centre, the situation would change if the girls were introduced to technologies at an early age.

Choosing business studies? Read KTU experts’ advice
19 Jul 2021

Every school-leaver considering business studies faces the same dilemma: to study or to find a job first? If to study, then in Lithuania or abroad? What criteria to consider when choosing a higher education institution offering business studies?

KTU student from Dubai: People in Dubai dream of having vacation in countries like Lithuania
9 Jul 2021

“I have visited Kaunas before, and I liked it – people here are friendly and kind. I have also enjoyed the snow considering that I am coming from a tropical country”, says Lian Hussein Mahmoud Labib Moussa KTU BSc Renewable Energy Engineering student.

KTU student from Lebanon: the way Lithuanians dress and live is similar to Lebanese
1 Jul 2021

“I found best friends in Lithuania – they are helpful and kind. It is always fascinating to see that people enjoy showing the foreigners new places and seeing our reaction“, says Malak Bakkour from Danniyeh in Lebanon, who has just graduated from KTU MSc Mechatronics. At the moment, the young professional is looking for a job in Lithuania and waiting for her internship in the UK.

ECIU University students’ experience: from cooperation with business to solving global problems
1 Jun 2021

University is a place of universal learning – from new ideas to solving relevant societal problems. A joint European university, ECIU University brings together students from different countries to solve regional and global challenges.

National university rankings: KTU is a strong player in international market
13 May 2021

On Wednesday, May 12, the annual rankings of Lithuanian higher education institutions and colleges organised by the magazine “Reitingai” (Eng. Rankings) were published. Kaunas University of Technology significantly improved its results in study quality, international competitiveness and other criteria of the Rankings. For several years in a row now, KTU remains the best university in Kaunas and the second-best in Lithuania.

KTU student from Georgia: the lecturers here are real professionals
12 May 2021

“I have a very active social life, and I don’t want to stop it all just because I am studying. That’s why I chose a university, which has a lot of different clubs and societies”, says Sally Sakandelidze from Georgia, a first-year KTU student at Communication Studies and Information Management Technologies.

Are you from Europe? Don’t miss your chance to study at KTU for free
5 May 2021

In May, the first stage of general admissions to master’s studies at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) will start. During the general admissions, all the applicants are ranked according to their admission score and become candidates to a state-funded study place. All EU nationals and global citizens of Lithuanian origin are granted this opportunity.

KTU student Marko from Ukraine: our nations like each other
3 May 2021

“I appreciate Lithuanians’ attitude to me as a Ukrainian. We have similar problems that’s why this cooperation and support is vital”, says Marko Aharkov from Kharkiv. Following a friend’s recommendation, Marko is studying Master’s in International Business at KTU School of Economics and Business with a state scholarship. The call to apply for scholarships for full-time masters is open until May 7, 2021.

KTU student from Germany: participating in ECIU classes is great
22 Apr 2021

“I was impressed by the Lithuanian national pride. The decorated and illuminated city centre on the two independence days was really enjoyable”, says Erik Schake from Trier, Germany. He chose Kaunas University of Technology to study Master’s in Informatics as the programme focuses on Artificial Intelligence.

New rules make it easier for international students to find a job in Lithuania
2 Mar 2021

On March 1, 2021, significant changes to the Lithuanian migration law enter into force, making international students’ lives easier.

Apply for a Scholarship for Full-Time Master’s Degree!
25 Feb 2021

The call for applications for full-time master’s degree or integrated studies at Lithuanian universities is now OPEN!

Admissions Autumn 2021/2022
19 Feb 2021

Admissions to study at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) are now open. If you are looking for a top-quality education in an open-minded, innovation-driven community without a hefty price tag, KTU is the right choice for you. Check the available programmes and apply today. Choose a university, which turns 100 in 2022, the same year when Kaunas becomes a European Capital of Culture.

Interested in studying at KTU? Chat to our students
30 Jan 2021

What qualifications do I need to apply? How much does it cost to live here? What is KTU campus life like? From now on, you can ask all these questions from your peers, fellow students who are currently studying or have been students at Kaunas University of Technology. The peer-to-peer chat is powered by Unibuddy, the dedicated platform helping students make the most important decision in their life.

Ana Rodrigues, PhD student from Portugal: with more of us the environment will change
21 Jan 2021

“One thing that I enjoy at KTU is how approachable the lecturers are. I never felt embarrassed about asking ‘stupid’ questions and most lecturers try hard to teach clearly and engage with students”, says Ana Rodrigues from Portugal, who is graduating from her PhD at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) this spring.

Record leap in the newest QS rankings - KTU ranked 1st in faculty education
17 Dec 2020

Today, QS World University Rankings announced the newest edition of QS Emerging Europe and Central Asia (QS EECA) Rankings. Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has improved its rank and is among the 50 best universities in emerging Europe and Central Asia. Also, KTU is the 1st in the region according to Staff with a PhD criterion.

Exchange student from Germany uses knowledge from KTU at her job back home
3 Nov 2020

“I might have a rather strange request”, – the email received by KTU International Studies Office began. Its author, Marie Hühne, Kaunas University of Technology Erasmus+ exchange student was aiming to contact one of her teachers at KTU. “I had one course called Environmental Management and it was fantastic”, explained Marie. Now, a fresh graduate from HTWK Leipzig (Germany), she’s on her first job and is applying good practices learned here, at KTU.

Admissions for Spring 2021 are open
21 Oct 2020

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) is opening the admissions for the Spring Semester 2021. 20 bachelor’s and masters study programmes are available – choose the one you prefer and start studying in February 2021.

KTU is ready to welcome international students
20 Aug 2020

Earlier this month, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania agreed to the proposal of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport to allow the citizens of foreign countries, who have been admitted to study at Lithuanian higher education institutions, to come to the country.

KTU graduates will collect their diplomas at Lithuanian embassies
18 Aug 2020

Following the special agreement with Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 9 graduates of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Hungary, Spain and Netherlands will be able to collect their KTU diplomas at the Lithuanian embassies and consulates at their respective places of residence.

Freshly from KTU - meet Maryna from Ukraine
1 Jul 2020

Maryna Bohuslavska was one of two Ukrainians, who graduated from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) last week. Having just collected her diploma at KTU School of Economics and Business, the girl is already packing to go home: she received a job offer from an international company in Kyiv.

Virtual KTU Graduation this Friday – an exceptional opportunity for international graduates and their families
23 Jun 2020

On Friday, June 26 Kaunas University of Technology will hold the Graduation Ceremony for the 97th Graduating Class. For the first time in KTU history, the graduation will take place online.

MSc in Biomedical Engineering upgraded for Autumn 2020
12 Jun 2020

If you are interested in medicine, but not necessarily in working in a hospital environment, if you are passionate about life sciences, science, maths and engineering, you should check Biomedical Engineering masters at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). This autumn, the programme will greet its new students refreshed – 3 new courses tailored to the needs of the job market and the newest research achievements are added to the curriculum.

Food engineer Nóra from Hungary - we are what we eat
10 Jun 2020

“Many people ask me if I am a chef when I tell them about my major. In a way I am, but I probably would not win many Michelin stars with my experiments in the lab”, says Nóra Emilia Nagybákay from Hungary who is just about to finish her first year in Food Science and Safety masters at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). Being an EU citizen, Nóra is studying at KTU for free, in a state-funded place.

Živilė Stankevičiūtė - Understanding and experiencing transformative learning
3 Jun 2020

Assoc. Prof. Dr Živilė Stankevičiūtė of Kaunas University of Technology, School of Economics and Business, Lithuania

The world has changed dramatically in the past few months. The COVID-19 outbreak continues to disrupt economies, with severe consequences for society, businesses, countries, families, and every individual. Regular ways of spending time with friends, shopping, working and finally learning and teaching are changing. While striving for resilience, we are putting in place various measures under the current circumstances, usually with no previous experience that can compare with regard to the functioning and value of new methods, structures or systems. Indeed, we all are on the transformation path.

Study at KTU with a scholarship
28 May 2020

Education is one of the key factors of success when talking about achieving career goals and overall life satisfaction. Top-quality studies without a hefty price tag is even better. Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania is taking care of this: every applicant automatically becomes a candidate to receive the scholarship dedicated to international students with strong academic record and motivation.

KTU student Jhosua - I wanted to be one of the first Ecuadorians in Lithuania
25 May 2020

“I had a friend who was studying abroad and I wanted to experience that – life in a different country. Also, it had to be in Europe, as Europe has all this diversity of culture, traditions, languages”, says Jhosua Sebastian Hermosa Jaramillo from Ecuador, studying public governance at KTU Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

Are you from Europe? Do not miss your chance to study at KTU for free
21 May 2020

This week, the first stage of general admissions to master’s studies at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) started. During the general admissions, all the applicants are ranked according to their admission score and become candidates to a state-funded study place. All EU nationals and global citizens of Lithuanian origin are granted this opportunity.

Kostas from Greece - Kaunas is a very convenient city for an international student
18 May 2020

“There are a lot of local and international students around and plenty of nice places to meet new people and make new acquaintances. Kaunas is full of convenient facilities, such as rentable scooters, bicycles, cars, massive shopping malls, grocery delivery services, students have discounts on public transportation”, says Konstantinos Loukas, studying Mechatronics at the KTU Faculty Mechanical Engineering and Design.

Admissions to KTU are open - apply today, start studying in Autumn 2020
28 Apr 2020

Admissions to study at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) are open. If you are looking for a top-quality education in an openminded, innovation-driven community for an affordable price, KTU is the right choice for you. Check the available programmes and apply today.

Informatics student Sona - in Armenia I am considered tall, here I do not even feel average
20 Apr 2020

“Being a member of the GIFTed community is my favourite part of studying in Lithuania”, says Sona Yavrumyan, a first-year student of Informatics at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). An avid fan of arts and football she enjoys a variety of free-time choices at KTU and the beauty of Lithuanian nature.

Alexandra from Colombia - Lithuania is a very safe country
15 Apr 2020

“For me, Antanas Mockus was the only association that I had with Lithuanians. And when I arrived here, it was very nice to find out that he’s just a sample of what Lithuania is – I met a lot of very nice, smart people here”, says Alexandra Alonso, studying Sustainable Management and Production at Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design.

NASA interns will continue their research at KTU laboratories
20 Feb 2020

Fresh from the Silicon Valley, where they completed the 16-week-long internship at NASA Ames Research Centre, Deividas Čelkys and Tomas Narbutas from Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design are sharing their insights.

KTU researcher from India - Kaunas has changed immensely
11 Feb 2020

“Anywhere in the world you go, and I mean – anywhere – if you have skills you will definitely get the job”, says Dr Kumar Anubhav Tiwari, a researcher at Kaunas University of Technology Ultrasound Research Institute. Although now the situation has changed significantly, in 2015, when Kumar came to study PhD, the state scholarship was smaller than his salary in India. However, he rose up to the challenge and has never regretted the decision.

Admissions to KTU now open - start studying in Autumn 2020
5 Feb 2020

Admissions to study at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) are now open. If you are looking for a top quality education in an openminded, innovation-driven community for an affordable price, KTU is the right choice for you. Check the available programmes and apply today.

Warm welcome to all the new students of KTU
27 Jan 2020

197 new international students are joining Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) for Spring Semester 2020. If you are one of them, KTU International Studies Office and a bunch of volunteers have prepared you a thrilling Welcome Week programme, during which you will get to know your campus, meet your fellow (degree, exchange, Erasmus+) students and will have a lot of fun.

KTU researchers created virtual tools to help companies enter international markets
8 Jan 2020

Researchers of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) have created a digital assessment tool and first virtual training programme that will help businesses to evaluate capabilities and readiness to operate in the international market and develop competencies needed for this. Target group – CEO and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), startups and prospective entrepreneurs with a business plan.

Kaunas startup founded by KTU alumnus attracted EUR 2.5 million investment
3 Dec 2019

A new online store for digital games eneba.com, developed by Helis Play has attracted EUR 2.5 million investment from a UK venture capital firm InReach Ventures. This investment is one of the largest early-stage investments in this business field, and the largest of this kind in Lithuania, informs Kaunas Municipality. Helis Play is the company founded by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) alumnus Vytis Uogintas and his colleague Žygimantas Mikšta.

Last call - start your KTU studies from spring semester
2 Dec 2019

Don’t miss your chance to apply for Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) to study from the spring semester. Admissions are open until Sunday, December 15. The spring semester starts February 3, 2020.

KTU celebrates the beginning of the new academic year
6 Sep 2019

On Monday, September 2 next to the KTU Santaka Valley students and all the community gathered here to celebrate the beginning of the New Academic Year.

Good news for EU nationals - study master at KTU for free
11 Jun 2019

KTU is offering the possibility to apply for state-funded study places to all EU nationals and global citizens of Lithuanian origin.

KTU – the most internationally oriented university in Lithuania
16 May 2019

Earlier this month, the national rankings of Lithuanian universities were announced.

High quality education for affordable price
4 Apr 2019

Although sometimes thinking about financing your studies can cause a real headache, KTU is taking care of this by offering multiple possibilities to fund your studies.

Scholarships for Master degree studies
5 Mar 2019

Call for applications for scholarships for full-time master’s degree is now open

KTU is among the world's 500 best universities
2 Mar 2019

Good news for engineering students – KTU is among the world’s 500 best universities in the field

International Education Fair Georgia 2019
21 Feb 2019

On 22-23 February KTU representatives will be attending the fair. Come to meet us and get some useful information about studies at KTU!

Welcome Week
31 Jan 2019

Welcome Week kicked off at KTU during 28 January – 3 February 2019.

Applications are open for 2019-2020
21 Jan 2019

Applications for studying at Kaunas University of Technology are open in the academic year 2019/2020 are open now. Choose from 13 Bachelor (undergraduate), 25 Master (graduate), 1 integrated (Bachelor + Master) programmes, 2 preparatory courses ans start your studies from September 1st!

Reasons to study at KTU
6 Nov 2018

If you are thinking about studying in Europe, KTU might be one of the best options for you

KTU is No. 1 in Lithuania in student satisfaction
16 May 2018

KTU is No. 1 in Lithuania in student satisfaction rank. This rank is measured by student questionnaire, which assesses study quality, competences of administrative and teaching staff, quality of classes, and academic honesty.

Study Fair in Istanbul, Turkey
22 Mar 2018

On the 23rd March, representatives of Kaunas University of Technology will be attending Education Fair in Istanbul!

Study Fair in Baku, Azerbaijan
22 Mar 2018

On the 31st March, representatives of Kaunas University of Technology will be attending Begin Edu Fair Spring 2018 in Baku!

Study Fair in Almaty, Kazakhstan
16 Feb 2018

On the 18th February, representatives of Kaunas University of Technology will be attending Begin Edu Fair in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

LAST CALL to Apply for Studies at KTU
8 Aug 2017

Have you missed the deadline to apply but still want to join KTU?

Good news!

Application period has been extended until the 20th August for the applicants from:
European Union and its candidate member states
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine
United States of America


KTU Unique Material for New Generation Solar Cells One Step Closer to Market
14 Apr 2017

The team of researchers at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) together with Swiss physicists had synthesised unique material for the new generation solar elements. Japanese company Tokyo Chemical Industry has acquired the licence for the patent of the invention.

German Automation Technology Giant to Double its Service Centre in Kaunas
11 Apr 2017

The global automation solutions giant Festo is to expand its Kaunas service centre. The German company plans to employ an additional 300 finance, IT, document management, marketing and engineering specialists over the next three years, thus doubling its Kaunas-based team.

Kaunas - a Rising Center for Business Services and all in One Solution for Business Growth
6 Apr 2017

Rapidly developing and internationally recognized, Kaunas is becoming a go to location for Business Services in the region. And it’s not difficult to see why. It is currently one of the least saturated markets in CEE – with only 7 employees in the business services sector per 1000 inhabitants – offering greater potential for companies looking to grow than established centers like Wroclaw, Poznan and Tri-City.

KTU at Study Fair Kiev
29 Mar 2017

KTU representatives will participate in the Study Fair in Kiev! Are you looking for the place to study? Come and take a glimpse how studies at KTU look like!

KTU at Study Fair Istanbul
21 Mar 2017

KTU representatives will participate in the Study Fair in Istanbul! Are you looking for the place to study? Come and take a glimpse how studies at KTU look like!

Students from US Enjoyed KTU Campus Visit
17 Mar 2017

54 students from Indiana University, the United States of America, interested in studies and internship in the Baltic States have visited Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) earlier this week.

KTU Is Climbing Up in QS Rankings by Subject
16 Mar 2017

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has climbed up in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2017. KTU is among top 500 higher education institutions in the world.

Antimicrobial Silicone Invented at KTU
2 Mar 2017

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) laboratories often serve as birthplaces of unique products, such as antimicrobial silicone invented by a KTU PhD student Aiste Lisauskaite and her supervisor Dr Virginija Jankauskaite. The researchers believe that the new product will be extremely useful both for household and medical purposes.