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MScInternational Business

Kaunas University of Technology
Lithuania, Kaunas
School of Economics and Business
Tuition fee €4,384 per year

*KTU offers partial tuition fee waivers for the candidates with outstanding results

Application fee €100 one-time

Payable within 2 weeks from the application submission by transferring it to the KTU bank account. Non-refundable. Bank details will be provided during application.

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Unlock Your Path to International Success!

Are you inspired by the idea of global achievement and always eager to discuss the future of the global market? If so, our program is crafted just for you. Designed for strategically-minded professionals, it equips you with the skills and competencies needed to thrive in building successful companies and organizations on a global scale.

Studying abroad is an unparalleled opportunity for academic, professional, and personal growth. Through language learning, intercultural skills development, and fostering independence and self-awareness, you’ll expand your horizons in ways you never imagined.

With the option for a double degree (DD) diploma, you’ll open doors to a world of opportunities in international companies and organizations. Choose to study at KTU for two years or opt for a semester at our esteemed partner institution, the University of Insubria in Italy, and pave the way for your future success on a global stage.

  • Studies are organized in the evenings of working days, combining contact and remote forms, study modules are carried out in cycles.


Comprehensive Curriculum:

  • We blend traditional and modern subjects of international business management, ensuring a fresh and dynamic learning experience.
  • Our study program is continuously updated and enriched with the latest insights, keeping you at the forefront of industry developments.

Global Business Analysis:

  • Dive into real-life scenarios that hone your strategic and analytical skills, preparing you to tackle international business challenges.
  • Develop the expertise to solve complex management problems and effectively lead multicultural teams in diverse business environments.

Diverse Career Opportunities:

  • Upon graduation, embark on a multitude of career paths, from working on international business projects to becoming company executives, business developers, consultants, or entrepreneurs.
  • Explore diverse fields such as finance, pharmacy, state-owned enterprises, the food industry, or the fashion world, unlocking endless possibilities for professional growth.

Motivational Environment:

  • Experience a stimulating and competitive atmosphere where excellence is celebrated.
  • Join a community of motivated students who bring diverse academic backgrounds and practical experience, fostering a dynamic and result-oriented learning environment conducive to individual growth and success.

Discover Europe with Erasmus+:

  • Choose from a variety of European cities for your Erasmus+ studies. Experience diverse cultures, languages, and academic environments while gaining invaluable international experience. Seize the opportunity to broaden your horizons and make unforgettable memories with Erasmus+.

Programme structure

International Dimension of Business
International Business Management
International Competitiveness
International Business Law
International Logistics

Strategic Business Management
Market Strategies
Strategic Management
Management of Organizational Networks
Corporate Finance

Innovation in business
Business Model Innovation
Innovation Management
Technology Venturing

Career opportunities

What will you be able to do?

  • Identify various factors that influence business development results and their consequences.
  • Create, manage, and improve an organisation’s service provision and production systems.
  • Assess the situation of a company in the context of the local and global markets
  • Analyse and critically assess the processes of a business environment and its separate segments.

You may become:

  • International business management specialist
  • Policy and planning manager
  • Communications manager
  • Human resources project manager
Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
30 Jun 2024, 23:59:59
Eastern European Time
Studies commence
1 Sept 2024
Apply now! Fall semester 2024/25
Application deadline
30 Jun 2024, 23:59:59
Eastern European Time
Studies commence
1 Sept 2024