UK Scientists Undertaking Lithuanian Identity Research at KTU

Photo illustrating the news item

“Our research focuses on two countries geographically in the margins of Europe – UK and Lithuania, and both of them are currently undergoing a conflicting time”, says Dr Johann Unger from Lancaster University. Unger, together with his colleague researcher Dr George Green carried out a pilot research, based on student writing experiences at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU).

“As a linguist I am interested in how national identity is constructed, in how do we talk and write about it. Britain is currently undergoing a conflicting time, and Lithuania has undergone transition from Soviet regime to the European Union. These are interesting case studies”, says Unger.

During the interdisciplinary research conducted by Lancaster University researchers in the field of linguistics and creative writing, the participants were asked to rewrite the given text in English by making it “Lithuanian”. There were no specific indications as to what “Lithuanian-ness” contains.

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6 Dec 2016