KTU's Events for Smooth Intercultural Adaptation

Photo illustrating the news item

Adaptation to a new culture, language and other differences is a huge challenge for everyone leaving their home country for studies abroad. For assisting international students to deal with these issues and to integrate more easily into the University’s social and academic life, Department of International Relations at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU DIR) is organising series of events on different topics.

Last week’s discussion Intercultural Adaptation with Šarūnas Paunksnis, cultural philosopher and teacher at KTU’s Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities assembled a varied group of international students. Paunksnis, who has lived in a couple of Western European countries and in India, shared not only theoretical knowledge, but also his practical experience.

“The round table discussion covered negative and positive experiences of arriving and adapting in a culturally different country and other issues noticed by our students. Students discussed language and understanding, cooking and Indian cinema”, says Audronė Račkauskienė, Head of International Study Office at KTU DIR.

She says, that there will be more similar events in the future: meetings with representatives of Lithuanian Labour Exchange to discuss work placement and job possibilities, lectures about requirements for written work at KTU. The form of meetings – lectures, discussions, seminars or round table meetings – will match the topics.

For more information please visit: www.facebook.com/KTU.International.Students/?fref=ts

16 Mar 2016