KTU celebrates the beginning of the new academic year

Photo illustrating the news item

On Monday, September 2 next to the KTU Santaka Valley students and all the community gathered here to celebrate the beginning of the New Academic Year.

Freshers started their four-year journey at the KTU full of energy and laughter: they took part in “From Zero to Hero: Colour run” christening that brought all the new members into one large KTU student community.

“Congratulations to everyone on the start of the New Academic Year. What I see now is just breath-taking. For the first time in such a long time, we celebrate this day next to the KTU Santaka Valley,” said KTU Rector Eugenijus Valatka in his address to the community.

According to the Student Activities and Public Relations coordinator, Milda Kizeleviciute, Colour Run christening is an unusual but fun adventure. KTU freshers had to run a five-kilometre route where they were doused from head to toe in a different coloured powder.

“Last year we have also organised a mass colourful christening. At first, we didn’t know how the freshers would react but everyone liked it. We a got a lot of good feedback,” says the event coordinator.

The opening show greeted new KTU community members, the freshers with a warm and colourful welcome.

“I’m glad you chose KTU”, said the Rector. In his opinion, the University is a great medium and space to excel in various sectors. He emphasised that the University is freedom important to every member of the community.

The celebratory opening has also introduced entertaining shows: an artist Monika Linkyte and a band “Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys”.

“The University is a community of successful, talented people. Thank you all,” the Rector added.

This year KTU is welcoming nearly 2.500 new students, among them – more than 450 international students. The University holds the top positions by the study of choice in Lithuania.

6 Sept 2019