MSc in Biomedical Engineering upgraded for Autumn 2020

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If you are interested in medicine, but not necessarily in working in a hospital environment, if you are passionate about life sciences, science, maths and engineering, you should check Biomedical Engineering masters at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). This autumn, the programme will greet its new students refreshed – 3 new courses tailored to the needs of the job market and the newest research achievements are added to the curriculum.

“I was passionate about medical technologies based on electronics and signal and medical sensors”, says Basant Kumar Bajpai from India who had graduated from masters in Biomedical Engineering in January 2016, and at the moment is finishing his PhD thesis in the same field.

Basant has never regretted to have chosen KTU: the quality of studies was great and everyone at the University, especially the teachers and the Faculty staff were very helpful. After graduating from his masters, Basant has been working at Esco Medical, the manufacturer and innovator of high-quality medical equipment, in Kaunas.

According to him, finding a job in the field has never been a problem – there is a great demand for biomedical engineers all over the world. As biomedical engineers combine engineering principles and medical science to design and create equipment, devices, computer systems, and software to improve the wellbeing of the society, this profession is among the most needed in the current world.

MSc in Biomedical Engineering at KTU combines a hands-on approach with in-depth theoretical studies. The programme teachers are experienced researchers conducting scientific research, which helps to solve complex problems of today’s ageing society.

In 2020, the Biomedical Engineering Master’s Programme will be upgraded with 3 new specialised courses, given by the researchers of KTU Biomedical Engineering Institute.

Biomedical engineers should understand the process of bringing a new biomedical device to the market, which covers many topics, from the generation of relevant ideas to biomedical product development, regulation, and safety issue. This will be discussed in the Biomedical Technology Management course.

Knowledge and practical experience related to the design and simulation of modern biomedical devices will be gained by studying the course of Design of Biomedical Devices.

The principles of biomedical process modelling, which are necessary to know when solving biomedical problems, will be introduced in the Identification of Biomedical Processes course.

For further information please contact the coordinator of the Biomedical Engineering Master’s Programme Prof Vaidotas Marozas at

Admissions to KTU are open until July 31, 2020.

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12 Jun 2020