Narmin from Azerbaijan enjoys diverse international community at KTU

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“In Kaunas, I have made a step forward into an independent adult life,” says Narmin Mammadova from Azerbaijan. Currently studying Public Governance at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Narmin decided to transfer to the Kaunas University of Technology after spending here one semester as an exchange student. She says that this decision utterly transformed her life.

In the autumn of 2021, Narmin, a third-year student of public affairs at ADA University in Baku, decided to take a semester abroad. Since KTU offered not only a bilateral agreement but also a scholarship in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, the girl travelled to Kaunas. The rest, as they say, is history.

Narmin in Trakai, an old Lithuanian capital
Narmin in Trakai, an old Lithuanian capital
“The top ranking of this university and Kaunas as a town where international students live and learn convinced me to become a part of this community. Although it was a tough decision, its advantages outweighed the disadvantages,” says Mammadova.

Today, she is enjoying her studies and life in Kaunas to the full.

Enjoys different teaching methods boosting students’ creativity

“I feel like my studies here are more specific and straight to the point, and the modules seem more relevant to the subject in comparison to my previous major, which was more general,” says Narmin about the advantages of the Public Governance study programme at KTU.

She loves the flexibility of the University teachers – they encourage creativity and critical thinking by applying different study methods. Also, the students practice working in a team and this, Narmin thinks, will be very useful in her future career. However, the student mostly enjoys the varied KTU community.

Narmin Mammadova from Azerbaijan, enjoys life and studies at KTU
Narmin Mammadova from Azerbaijan enjoys life and studies at KTU
“I see many international students from different countries and community groups. While working together, I get to know their unique culture, beliefs, and opinions,” says Mammadova.

Since she still is in her bachelor’s, Narmin does not have set plans for her future, except the interest to study master’s in public administration or media and communication field. As for a job, she would like to be able to employ both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in her future career.

“Although it might be hard for me to find an administrative job in a local institution, as I don’t know Lithuanian, there are thousands of international companies where I can work in public relations. In Lithuania, there are a lot of non-profit and international organisations’ branch offices such as Red Cross, Transparency International, and others, which can open a new window to a global arena,” says KTU student from Azerbaijan.

Lithuanians – a bit cold but very reliable
So far, Narmin has only one Lithuanian friend, whom she met in her class and who is “one of the kindest people” she knows, always there providing support on good and bad days. Although many a time Lithuanians look cold and strict, Narmin reckons that these features are our national characteristics. Fortunately, we also have more favourable qualities.

“I admire how punctual and responsible Lithuanian people are towards their duties and tasks. I have noticed it both in interpersonal communication and in university procedures. An example can be the procedure of my transfer request, where the program director very quickly prepared my programme of studies,” says Mammadova.

Since coming to KTU, the girl also started going to the gym, and the fact that it is free for university students is a great advantage and motivation to the active student.

“Furthermore, I found out that KTU offers extra yoga classes as a part of training. The last summer, I used to do yoga by watching YouTube videos, and now attending it psychically with an instructor is a privilege for me,” says Narmin.

Lately, she also became more involved with KTU international community by joining the ESN KTU – the University’s international students’ network.

“Within this organisation, I can build my network of the international students’ community”, says KTU student from Azerbaijan.

A life-changing decision
Narmin Mammadova, KTU student from Azerbaijan
Narmin Mammadova, KTU student from Azerbaijan
Narmin frankly admits that by moving to Kaunas she made a huge step towards her independent life as an adult: “I value the reality that when your parents are not around, you are solely accountable for your decisions.”

Has she regretted moving here ever since? No, not really.

“Although the weather in Kaunas can be gloomy and rainy, the University activities, events and dormitory friends make it warmer and cosier,” says Mammadova, saying that moving from home was the most transformational decision of her lifetime.

While living in Kaunas, she is fascinated by the synthesis of historical and contemporary architecture and feels that as a city, it has many places to be discovered still.

Would she recommend Kaunas University of Technology to her friend? Most certainly so.

“If they want to study in a high-ranking university which gives not only knowledge but life lessons, it is one of the best choices. Technical support and equipment, and the university staff will assist them in their studies and learning process,” says Narmin from Azerbaijan, studying Public Governance.

She recommends KTU for those who want to become a part of a diverse international community, to study in Europe while gaining valuable academic and practical experience.

Want to prepare for your career while studying in a motivating international environment? Admissions to KTU are open until June 30, 2022. Choose your study programme and apply today.

25 Mar 2022