Are you from Europe? Apply for state-funded studies at KTU

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The last call for European nationals willing to study for a master’s at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) for free – until Monday, July 18 you may apply for the state-funded study place. Choose your study programme and apply today.

“After graduating from mechanical engineering in Spain I contacted many universities in Europe looking for a master’s in aeronautical engineering. From the first contact, KTU seemed the most professional in the way they were communicating with international applicants. I said: ok, at least I will feel comfortable here,” says Carlos Sosa Henríquez from Spain.

The fact, that as a European citizen he did not need to pay tuition fees sealed the deal. Additionally, Carlos felt motivated by the extensive range of scholarships and grants that KTU offers. For his excellent study results in the first semester, Carlos was awarded a Talent Scholarship from KTU.

According to the student from Spain, in comparison to his university at home, KTU has a more practical approach to studies. There are many lecturers from the industry who share their insights and know-how. Together with more theoretical classes, this provides a synergy of theory and practice.

KTU offers 25 Master’s study programmes in English in a variety of fields. With the unique MA+ study model, KTU is the first in Lithuania to respond to the needs of the new generation, society and job market by providing the opportunity to model your studies the way you want them.

In order to study at KTU for free, global citizens of Lithuanian origin and the citizens of all European Union compete for the state-funded study places. This means that all the applicants, who are falling into one of the aforementioned categories, will participate in the general admission competition for state-funded master’s and will get the chance to study for free depending on their admission score.

The same applies to those willing to study bachelor’s; the deadline for submitting your application through the Lithuanian general admission system is July 25, 2022.

Find out more and apply today.

21 Jun 2022