Call for applicants: study full-time masters with a state scholarship

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100 Lithuanian state scholarships for full-time master’s students will be allotted to applicants from selected countries by Education Exchanges Support Foundation. Interested? Great. Choose a study programme, get admitted and apply for the scholarship by May 22, 2023.

“Is it worth it to accept the challenge and move to a new country? Absolutely yes! However, it is also very important to surround yourself with the right people and be in the right place at the right time. I consider myself very lucky on that matter,” says Azad Ismayilov from Azerbaijan, studying MSc Industrial Engineering and Management at KTU with the Education Exchanges Support Foundation scholarship.

For his bachelor’s, Azad followed his dream to study aviation; in his master’s he is aiming for broader knowledge in the field: “The study programme combines engineering with planning, innovation, and management competencies. Thus, it is very relevant in a complex and globalised world where engineers, capable of working at the interface between business and engineering, are in high demand.”

About the scholarships

Education Exchanges Support Foundation is organising the state scholarships competition for full-time Master’s degree or integrated studies (a maximum of the two last years of the integrated studies) at Lithuanian higher education institutions for the year 2023. Funding under the Call will be provided to the citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Georgia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Moldova, Ukraine and foreigners of Lithuanian origin from non-EU and EFTA countries:

A monthly scholarship and a grant covering the study cost is offered to citizens of:

Ukraine (60 grants)
Belarus (10 grants)
Armenia, Georgia, foreign citizens of Lithuanian origin, Moldova, (20 grants altogether)
Azerbaijan (5 grants)
A monthly scholarship is offered to citizens of China, Israel, Japan, and South Korea (5 grants altogether).

A monthly scholarship is 490 euros. The grant covering the study cost is limited to and cannot be higher than the national standard study price.

22 May 2023 is the deadline to apply for the scholarship.

Choose KTU for your masters

Expanding your knowledge by switching study fields is one of the reasons to study masters. Mastering knowledge, making great connections, enhancing personal development, and accelerating career growth are among the advantages of graduate studies, listed by professionals. Besides, certain KTU master’s study programmes offer unique in Lithuania MA+study model, which allows you to shape your studies according to your needs and goals.

Kaunas University of Technology offers 28 master’s programmes in English. Pick your studies and apply today!

6 Mar 2023