KTU Campus meets its students refreshed

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Studying at the university is not only about academic knowledge – it is also about various leisure opportunities and a comfortable environment. Appreciating this, KTU will meet its returning students and freshers with the modernised university campus in autumn.

This year, the KTU dormitory No. 10 has been brought back to life, Faculty of Mechanics and Design was renovated, and the sidewalks of the campus will be adapted to the walkers and cyclists.

“Study years strongly influence one’s personality, so it is particularly important to think about the study environment as a whole. The studies must be relevant and high-quality, and the physical, and at the same time, the informational infrastructure of the studies must be modern and contemporary. Everyday life at the university should be inspiring and empowering to act and create,” says Kristina Skučienė, Director of the Department of Student Affairs.

Renovated Student Campus

“Improving the condition of the university’s dormitories is an ongoing process; we are happy that the university welcomes the new academic year with a fully modernised one of the dormitories. The renovation work on the sidewalks and streets of the campus that started in the spring will be finished by September, which means that the new and returning students will be met by a new quality,” says Skučienė.

According to her, by 2025, the reconstruction concept and projects of six more university dormitories will be prepared.
“The renovated Student Campus Library has already established itself among students as the main place for time before, between or after lectures, as a place for meetings or quiet time with a book. Also M-Lab prototyping centre will open its doors shortly,” says Skučienė.

She believes that M-Lab will become another centre of attraction, and the outdoor amphitheater nearby the building will offer a unique space for outdoor events.

Free sports facilities and Lithuanian Student Card

Members of the KTU community can use twelve sports facilities free of charge. The refurbished KTU Activated Gym has cardio and strength training rooms, boxing and TRX belts; one can choose a workout from eight different group workouts.

KTU also offers students a wide choice of free time activities: from traditional board games to e-games, from sports tournaments, table tennis, beach volleyball, 3×3 basketball, badminton tournaments to theatre shows, photo exhibitions, concerts, from a picnic on campus to a hike in nature.

This year, as in previous years, KTU will cover the costs of the Lithuanian student certificate for students of all levels who entered the university in 2023-2024. First-year students who have signed a contract with KTU will be able to order a student card for free through the Lithuanian Student Union, which administers the issuing of the Lithuanian student card.

More than academic competence

Academic achievements are not the only thing to be included in your CV. Participation in sports, art activities, student organisations, volunteering develops our personalities in the same way as study curriculum.

According to Kristina Skučienė, KTU Student Affairs Department Director, one of the most outstanding values of KTU is the variety of activities, programmes, and student services offered. KTU has 19 student organisations, 6 art societies and 13 national teams representing sports. Educational programmes for the development of additional competencies unite the most motivated and talented students, who can develop their knowledge in the chosen fields.

KTU students who want to take care of their peers’ well-being, initiate changes in the study process or contribute to the organising of events can join the KTU Students Union.

International experience

International experience at KTU is a great opportunity not only to gain practice in your chosen specialty, but also to better your knowledge of foreign languages. There are several selections per year for scholarships for Erasmus+ exchange (for studies and internships).
International experience and practice is also offered by ECIU, a European university whose students and researchers collaborate with cities and companies to solve real-life challenges. Working in an interdisciplinary and international team, opportunities for mobility and getting to know other cultures – KTU provides an opportunity to work together across Europe and find solutions for the implementation of sustainable development goals.

According to the Director of the KTU Student Affairs Department, it is useful to find out what additional activities the university offers even before the start of studies.

Therefore, the Welcome Week, which will be held on August 28–31, is a great opportunity to get to know all the opportunities, talent programmes, student organisations, art societies, sports teams and other extracurricular activities available at KTU.

20 Jun 2023