KTU Master’s studies: deeper knowledge and interdisciplinary competences

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The ever-changing world creates a need for professionals who can look at complex issues from a wider range of perspectives. Flexibility is valued in the job market and complex societal challenges are often tackled with an interdisciplinary approach and expertise. Master’s studies at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) are multifaceted, improving students’ personal and professional competencies.

Higher education, and in particular master’s degrees, leads to higher salaries in many companies. Data shows that graduates with a master’s degree earn nearly 30% more than those with a bachelor’s degree.

“Master’s studies focus on critical thinking, autonomy, analytical and research skills, leadership, communication, and teamwork competences, which is why graduates of these studies are usually promoted to higher positions, often at the managerial or expert level,” says Ukvalbergienė.

In the admission for the Academic Year 2023/24 KTU offers 26 master’s degree programmes in English in engineering, technology, informatics, mathematics, physical sciences, business and public management, social sciences, humanities, health sciences and arts to the applicants.

The duration of a master’s programme is 1.5 or 2 years, and the Master’s qualification leads to the right to pursue doctoral studies and obtain a PhD.

Students can choose competencies that are taught in English

Several master’s degree programmes use the MA+ competency model, allowing KTU master’s students to choose between the expert path or an interdisciplinary expert. A student choosing the expert pathway deepens their knowledge and strengthens their competencies in additional modules in the main field of study, while a student seeking to become an interdisciplinary expert can combine competencies from different fields.

Among the additional modules, students can choose to study different languages – Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Swedish or German. You can also gain competencies in data analytics, security, computer visualisation technologies, project management, law and other fields. Students can choose competencies that are taught in English.

The acquisition of competencies is supported by KTU lecturers and business and public sector organisations, whose employees give lectures, and provide topics for students’ final theses and practice-oriented tasks for projects.

The choice of MA+ competencies is made after enrolment in the KTU Academic Information System. Students whose study programme includes the MA+ option are informed about the application deadlines and procedures in a separate email at the end of August. The acquisition of the competence is confirmed by a certificate awarded by KTU and an entry in the Master’s Diploma Appendix.

Tackling real-world challenges

KTU Master’s students can develop their skills in different areas through various educational programmes. GIFTed Masters is a 3-semester programme focused on developing the leadership skills and abilities of motivated postgraduate students.

GIFTed Masters participants will acquire the basic skills required for a first-time manager, which they will test during KTU GIFTed Masters programme classes and in their professional activities.

For those who want to address real societal and organisational challenges during their master’s studies, KTU offers to join the ECIU University activities. ECIU University has 13 members – strong European universities providing students with cutting-edge learning opportunities. Students and researchers from these universities work with cities and businesses to solve real-life challenges.

“Solving challenges involves developing problem-solving and teamwork skills, working in interdisciplinary, international teams, and often short-term mobility,” says Ukvalbergienė, Director of the KTU Department of Academic Affairs.

To deepen their knowledge, students can also opt for micro-modules – short learning opportunities in a narrow focus area that provide additional skills to tackle challenges.

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27 Jun 2023