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This year, KTU is expecting a record number of overseas students from more than 43 countries. After getting acquainted with the University the introductory Welcome Week, they are starting their studies this Monday.

“The welcome week so far has been great, and I have walked around the city, which I loved. Although I was in Kaunas in 2019, this time, it amazed me even more,” says Leonid Madiianskyi from Ukraine, who will be studying Transport Electronics from September at KTU.

Last year, Leonid, who is from Kyiv, was living in Vinnytsia, West Ukraine as it was calmer there. Here, in Kaunas, he feels comfortable and safe not hearing air raid sirens. He is looking forward to concentrating on studies in the field that he feels passionate about.

Activities to make people feel welcome

The KTU Welcome Week activities started on Monday, August 28 with a picnic next to dormitories. Packed with fun and informative activities, the Welcome Week is a perfect way to start the academic year. The introductory lectures, city and campus tours, fresher’s colour run, concerts and movie nights let the new KTU students get acquainted with the university and its people. The most important of all, however, is to know who to approach when one needs help.
“Last but not least, I urge to talk to us, the International Relations staff, if the students have any questions regarding migration, accommodation – anything. Student Infocentre is open for the students always, they can just come and we will find a person or a department, which will help,” says Račkauskienė.

The KTU Welcome Week activities for international students were designed by KTU International Relations Department and Erasmus Student Network KTU (ESN KTU).

“We are giving a welcome pack, taking people to fun activities, such as visiting Kaunas Castle, Laisvės Alėja and other spots in Kaunas to make them feel welcome,” says Wole Adesina from Nigeria, a member of ESN KTU.

A third-year student of Public Governance, Wole loves playing football on weekends and is happy to be studying a major, which is related to the job he wants to do in the future.

Wole joined KTU in 2021, during pandemics, when the lectures were online, and it took him three months to actually meet his peers. Therefore, he is urging the new students to take the advantage of the many opportunities to blend and to socialise.

Feeling at home in Lithuania, already

Normal studies, educational activities and going to lectures is something that Mariia Prantsypal from Ukraine is looking forward, too.

It was war, which made Mariia think about studying abroad. She chose KTU in Lithuania and so far, is very happy here. Coming from Kyiv, she enjoys the greenery in Kaunas: “The air is so fresh, I didn’t know I could breathe so easily!”

She thinks that Lithuanian mentality is very similar to Ukrainian, and feels very much at home here.

Similarly, is feeling Luisina Allevato from Argentina, whose great-grandparents were Lithuanian.

“I simply feel that it’s my place, I don’t know how to explain it. For example, I always loved cities, being inside, and didn’t care much about nature. However, woods in Lithuania is the only thing that my great-grandmother was always talking about. I feel that too,” says Luisina, who is starting New Media Language studies this autumn.
Luisina has been living in Kaunas for five months, and so far, feels very happy. This is her second attempt to move to Lithuania – she has been studying Lithuanian language in Vilnius University in 2019, but had to leave because of the pandemic. In addition to her studies, Luisina is also working as a Spanish-language customer support representative.

“I love doing a lot of things at the same time – in such a way, I feel useful and that I am not wasting my time,” says Luisina with a smile.

According to her, people in Kaunas are much warmer that in Vilnius, although not so warm as her compatriots in Argentina. Another thing that Luisina noticed about Lithuanians is their honesty: “In Argentina, we are super cautious about what we say, whereas, here people are extremely honest, and I love it!”

Excited about studies

Venezuelan Maria Rosa Rojas, who came to KTU to study master’s in Medical Physics is looking forward to getting to know Lithuanian culture and people: “I am excited about my studies and am quite confident that I know what I’m getting into. However, Lithuania is something that I don’t know about, something completely new.”

Back home, Maria Rosa studied physics, then worked as a teacher in a university and as an assistant radiologist in a hospital. It was that job that made her think about a career in the field. For her studies, the talented scientist received a scholarship from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), part of United Nations organisation.
Coming from a tropical country, Rojas says that she expected worse weather in Kaunas, and that a little rain that greeted those coming to register at Santaka Valley, did not scare her.

Ales Grakov from Belarus, who will study Chemical Technology and Engineering has already been living in Lithuania for two years, and speaks Lithuanian fluently. He says that KTU has been his dream for several years.

Every new person joining the university community brings their own story, unique experience and personality. Warm welcome to you all! Have a great start of the new academic year. Be brave, be curious, and ask for help.

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29 Aug 2023