Study master’s at KTU with a State grant

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100 grants from the Lithuanian State (monthly scholarships and grants covering the tuition) will be awarded to the full-time master’s applicants from selected countries. Choose a study programme and apply for the scholarship by May 6, 2024.

“I appreciate the affordability of living in Lithuania, as this has allowed me to enjoy my time here without worrying too much about finances,” says Narmin Babayeva from Azerbaijan who is studying Food Science and Nutrition.

While making a study choice, she was drawn to this study programme, as it offered a unique combination of scientific and practical training. According to Narmin, KTU has provided her with a strong foundational knowledge of the scientific principles behind food production, as well as practical skills in the laboratory and beyond.

Mastering knowledge, making great connections, enhancing personal development, and accelerating career growth are among the advantages of graduate studies, listed by professionals.

Azerbaijani full-time master’s study applicants, alongside those from Armenia, Belarus, China, Georgia, Israel, Japan, Moldova, South Korea, Ukraine and the citizens of Lithuanian origin of non-EU and EFTA countries can receive a monthly scholarship equal to 550 EUR

The scholarships are established by the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science.

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27 Mar 2024