Apply for tuition-free studies at KTU

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At the beginning of June, the Lithuanian general admissions platform LAMA BPO opens. Prospective students from the EU, holders of Permanent Resident Permit, and candidates of Lithuanian origin can apply for state-funded places in Lithuanian universities.

“We always encourage our international candidates, even those who match the criteria for tuition-free studies, to apply through the KTU DreamApply platform. Then, we can provide all the needed information, do the initial eligibility check-up, and help them with their application at LAMA BPO,” says Audronė Račkauskienė, the Head of KTU International Studies Office.

This year, Kaunas University of Technology offers 25 bachelor’s and 29 master’s study programmes in English. The students value KTU for its attention to individual needs, ample possibilities to pursue their hobbies and first-rate facilities. A hands-on education model, laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, and attentive teachers are the benefits listed by KTU international students.

“I’ve studied at KTU for 3 years already and couldn’t be happier. KTU is a university that cares about the well-being of the students, academically and personally. Teachers are passionate about teaching, and willing to help in any way they can. The facilities that the university provides, such as laboratories, classrooms, restrooms, and library are top-notch,” says Nieves Ganghe Pedros Chamorro, a KTU chemical technology and engineering student from Spain.

Being a European citizen, she studies tuition-free and would like more students to find out about this opportunity: “Economically this is very beneficial. Also, the university provides many other scholarships helping students and their families through their educational journey.”

Are you from Europe? Study at KTU tuition-free. Choose a study programme and apply by the end of June.

28 May 2024