Aviation Industry Breakthrough in Kaunas. More internships and job options

Photo illustrating the news item

Solid foundation for Lithuanian aviation industry breakthrough has been laid in Kaunas’ region – the first in Europe cluster of aeronautical engineering companies and educational institutions is being created. After the airport is connected to the free economic zone and with a constant staff supply of qualified aviation engineers prepared at local university, Kaunas will be capable of accepting for service the great transatlantic aircrafts with repair value from several hundred thousand to several million euros.

In May 2016 Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) signed a cooperation agreement with aircraft maintenance and design and production companies Helisota, TERMIKA, DOT LT, Sport Aviation and Co, Kaunas Aircraft Maintenance Services and FL Technics. Business and academic community agreed to deliver internationally competitive and practice-based aviation engineering studies. The representatives of business who signed the agreement emphasised the urgent demand for qualified aircraft maintenance professionals in Lithuania, as the aviation business here is growing rapidly.

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16 Jun 2016