5,500 m2 Modern Laboratory on the Roof of Kaunas University of Technology

Photo illustrating the news item

In the near future one of the buildings housing the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEF) at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) shall be turned into a modern laboratory of renewable energy sources. The roof of the building located at the KTU campus is about to be fitted with 1,520 units of photovoltaic modules while the modern underground geothermic energy system will be used for fulfilling the building’s heating requirements.

Close to EUR 1 million-worth renewable energy generating systems will allow the faculty students majoring in Renewable Energy Engineering to gain valuable experience of working with the latest renewable energy technologies. This is the first laboratory of such scale to be used for teaching in Eastern Europe.

Read more: ktu.edu/en/elektros-ir-elektronikos-fakultetas/newitem/5500-m2-modern-laboratory-renewable-energy-sources-open-roof-kaunas-university-technology

25 Jul 2016